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Roger and Ellen Norquist's RV Travels

Our travels begin each year at the San Mateo Campground, part of the California State Parks system.  San Mateo is located on the north end of the Camp Pendleton 

Marine Base which has leased the campground to the State.

We work as campground hosts between January and the end of June each year as long as they will have us.  Since 2014 we have left around July 1st and traveled most of the continental United States.

2017 was a very special year since we camphosts (including Larry, Gloria, Larry and Dennise) discovered a pair of Cooper's Hawks building a nest very close to our campsite.  Between mid May and our departure we witnessed the birth (hatching) of 4 chicks and photo chronicled their development up to the picture on the left.  Under "Winter and Spring 2017" you will find a tab devoted to the Cooper's Hawks.

As usual, our travels include Simba and Nala our little long-haired chihuahuas.

We haven't been everywhere in the world yet . . . . But it's on the list!
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